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I’ve blogged recently about the Valerie Parv Award as it’s dear to my heart, not least because Romance Writers of Australia saw fit to carry it on in my name. I thought that sort of thing only happened when you’re no longer around. Or am I  mixing this up with street names? Thankfully, I didn’t have to drop off my twig for this honour, and after more than a decade of mentoring the winners, the award is an important part of my writing life. Personal life, too, as the winners – affectionately known as minions – are now friends as well.  The Minions’ Breakfast is a fun part of the RW Aust conference each year, when we catch up and welcome the newest winner. You can spot us by our tiaras.

This year’s VPA opened on April 23, restricted to a maximum of 80 entries for the first time. By the I posted this, all 80 openings were taken in under 24 hours. Today’s blog by Anna Cowan about her experiences as a minion moved me almost to tears.

The (in)famous Minions' Breakfast with tiaras

Knowing that you’ve been part of someone’s creative journey is rewarding and humbling.  Many winners are successfully published. Among them are Kelly Hunter, Mel Scott, Bronwyn Clarke writing as Bronwyn Parry, Rachel Robinson writing as Rachel Bailey, Erica Hayes, Kylie Griffin winning a prestige award from Romance Writers of America and seeing her first and second books published this year. This month,  Barbara Jeffcott Geris writing as Barbara de Leo was contracted to Entangled. Others are breathtakingly close. Yes, I’m looking at you, Anna and Michelle de Rooy.

The VPA started life as a contest run by the one-time Australian chapter of Romance Writers of America. In 1999 the award was renamed and placed on Romance Writers of Australia’s calendar in 2005. This year, RWA set a limit on the number of entries because the judging was getting out of hand. My work begins when I receive the final entries, and I guess statistically, your chances of reaching the finals this year are higher than ever.

It’s a rare year when one final entry doesn’t leap out at me much as a singer on The Voice grabs the attention of one or more of the judges within a few bars. Star quality is instantly apparent, and while I give every other entry a fair reading, that quality is usually unbeatable. In the acknowledgement to her first novel, Shadowfae, Erica Hayes even quoted me “wanting so hard for [her book] not to win.” She’s right, I didn’t want to spend a year living in her demonic worlds, but the quality of her writing couldn’t be ignored.

Have you entered or won an award that impacted on your writing? I’d love you to share your experiences by commenting here.


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Comments on: "The writing blog that almost made me cry" (11)

  1. Anita Joy said:

    Opened and closed in 24 hours. Impressive! We all just want a piece of you, VP *grin*.

  2. It says a lot for the prestige of the award and the esteem your mentorship is held in that it filled so fast. It must give you a nice bubbly feeling inside. Until you think about having to live in someone else’s fiendish mind for a year .

  3. I soooo want to be a minion! I want a tiara! I want Valerie for a year! I’m glad you’re touched Valerie, because you deserve to be. You are a legend and I, for one, am heartily glad you are still here to see it!

  4. I always suspected my involvement wasn’t the only appeal. Now the truth is out, it’s the tiara LOL

  5. An amazing result with entries filled within 24 hours. And no wonder, when they get the wonderful *you*, Valerie Parv, as mentor. You are a legend. And P.S. everyone really does want that tiara.

  6. Thanks Malvina *blushing*

  7. Ooops! Outed myself! OF COURSE, I want Valerie for a year, but I must admit I dooo also want one of those dinky tiaras… and to go to the breakfast… Okay, I should stop now, before I sound even more like a primary-schooler than I do already! 😉

  8. I have a tiara. I just want to learn to write real books. But the biggest temptation is the whole Minion thing. Just to associate with someone who has minions and isn’t a political figure would make it all worth while. .

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