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Aust Day 2017 4

Valerie Parv am

international best-selling author, is a successful writer of romance and non-fiction. She was made a Member of the Order of Australia for significant contributions to the arts as a prolific writer and mentor to emerging writers. An Australian Society of Authors Medalist, she has sold more than thirty-four million copies of her books, and been translated into languages from Russian to Icelandic and Japanese Manga. With a master of arts from Queensland University of Technology and a diploma in professional counseling, she conducts seminars and masterclasses on writing. Her practical guide to the genre, The Art of Romance Writing, was voted the most useful book on writing in a poll of members of Romance Writers of Australia. RT Book Reviews Magazine USA awarded her their Pioneer of Romance Award for career achievement. More information including a complete list of Valerie’s books are at

She is represented by the Tate Gallery Pty Ltd

Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. Frances Dall'Alba said:

    The following comment was made by a judge on my RWA Emerald Contest 2017. I have very little idea of what she means and not sure where to look. Can you direct me to where to research what she means?

    The degree of error/awkwardness in syntax & phraseology was too much to overlook. Perhaps the author is very young, and if so, this would easily resolve by working in partnership with a more experienced reader/writer on later drafts.
    However, I did honestly begin to wonder if the story might have been written by an AI fiction-writing program. It reads like the examples I’ve read on that topic – all the story elements and conventions are there, but the language conventions (both grammar & commonly-used genre terms) show significant misunderstandings. The unintended humour in that detracts from the story itself.

    Thank you
    Frances Dall’Alba

    • Hi Frances, it sounds to me as though your use of language may be a problem. The judge says they think the story may have been written by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) computer program – in other words, your use of language sounds stilted, as if written by a robot. Could it be that English is not your first language? I can’t think how else the judge may have reached this conclusion. If this is the case you could use some of RWA’s resources to find a critique partner to help you work on these issues. You could also look for a course online or off to help you with grammar, word use and the practical side of telling a story. Your comment here sounds intelligent enough, and not at all as if written by a robot program. Remember all judging is opinion. Another judge may have different thoughts. I hope these suggestions are helpful and wish you well with your writing.

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